For this project in our digital media class we had to analyze an existing ad campaign and then create a new ad that could become part of that campaign. For my project I did the Nike “Find your greatness campaign”

 Original Ad

Ad Design Analysis

As we look at this design it is very clean and simple, but has a powerful message. The accomplish this by having the iconic bold font with an inspirational quote. They also place the font perfectly. The two different sentences don’t get mixed up because of proximity but still feel like they belong together because of their alignment. The photo is perfect because the boy is the only thing in focus, and his clothing gives him a lot of contrast, separating him from the background.

New Ad

I feel like my ad captured what I like about the ad above but didn’t feel like an exact recreation. This time I made the intended audience young children who have an interest in sports but feel like they aren’t old enough to play.

New Ad Design Analysis

I tried to follow the design elements to the best of my abilities. The font isn’t an exact match because Nike uses their own special font. However I still used bold white letters and similar spacing/ alignment to get a similar effect. I also blurred the background and removed a couple of people from the original photo.