In my digital media class we had to make a creative Ad from a randomly generated input. I got a Paper Shredder targeted at Married women ages 25-34 who watch TV and read blogs.

This was the final product. This is the larger size created for the static TV ad. I used the white and red of the Staples logo for all of the text to create repetition and unity. I also made the diagonal white line parallel to the lines of the bar-code, to create unity as well.

I made this ad with my target audience in mind. A lot of women ages 25-34 that are married either already have children, or are planning to have one in the near future. Which is why I included a young married couple with a baby. This is also the reason that the woman has the bar-code covering her face, instead of the man or baby. With these elements I hope to make this personal for anyone in my target demographic, because they are in a very similar situation to the woman with no face.

In order to create this image I used several creative commons 0 images and combined them to get the desired effect. Below are the images I used and their original creators.

credit: PublicDomainPictures


Credit: Skitterphoto

Credit: OpenClipart-Vectors

I also used the Staples logo

I do not own the Staples logo, or affiliated with Staples in any way.

Below is my photo used for the blog size requirements

To make this smaller photo work, I had to remove elements from the larger TV sized ad. I personally prefer the larger sized ad myself.