Yesterday marked the start of the annual “Early Christmas” for PC gamers as the Steam Summer sale started.

Steam is the largest online PC gaming marketplace, which earlier this year hit its highest number of concurrent users in one day at over 14 million.

The summer sale is the largest Steam sale event of the year, as games sell for fractions of their regular price. Ranging from 10%-99% off. The creator of Steam, Valve has even lowered the price of their bundle that includes every one of their games from $200 dollars to less than $20.

The sale started yesterday and will go until July 5th. Oddly enough, it is always a mystery as to when the sale will start, as Valve never announces it in advance and it starts on a different day every year. However, it is generally believed to always start around the end of June and end around the 4th of July.

This year’s Summer sale also has the new inclusion of a sticker book that can be filled with stickers you earn through doing various tasks like viewing recommended games. If a page is completed it will be permanently unlocked for the account and will allow for more customization afterwards.

The Summer sale has been a large part of the Steam community for years, as people save up their money all Spring to get the best deals on their favorite video games. For a lot of PC gamers the Summer sale truly is an “Early Christmas”.


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