One of the industries hottest FPS games turned 1 this week. After Overwatch released May 24th 2016, it  quickly become a cultural phenomenon. It reached a 30 million player count April of this year and shows no signs of slowing down.

To commemorate the one year anniversary, Blizzard has launched a timed event from May 23rd to June 12th where players can unlock unique skins and emotes that are only available for that period of time. Additionally they have released three new maps to all players. The maps are



Black Forest

What makes this event special is that it is the largest release of new legendary skins at this point in time. The new emotes are dances for the characters (as if they are also celebrating the anniversary as well).

I don’t personally play Overwatch everyday but I do like to get as many of those rare skins as I can, so you can bet you will see me out there this week pushing payloads, capturing objectives and probably getting really mad at a random Mei player.

These events are one of my favorite parts about Overwatch. I feel motivated to unlock everything I can before it is gone forever. These events can also add new game modes as well, the last event “Uprising” added a temporary co-operative game where you and three other people compete against computer controller robots while trying to complete objectives.

With no end to Overwatch’s popularity in sight, it is likely these events will continue onward for the foreseeable future.