I created a multi page magazine article with a spread about saving money in college for my digital media class. I focused on creating a design that was different than traditional magazines, but still had direction.

The target audience for this article are new ByuI freshmen that are living on their own for the first time. The hopes is that this article will grab their attention and help them make the transition from depending on someone to being self sufficient.

Part of the way I tried to do this was with the arrow design on the first page, because money seems to disappear so quickly when you don’t know how to spend it. Hopefully this downward arrow will grab the attention of the reader and will be relatable.

I picked the triad color scheme because I believe that the colors really make the red stick out, I think it is very colorful and will pop out compared to the generic black and white articles.

For this design I used an artistic serif font for my title and pull out quote to bring attention to them. I then used a sans-serif font for the rest to have contrast. I made the font white so that it would stand out from the red background.

I hope that this design will get people to read the article and find ways to make their lives easier.

Original Article: http://byuiscroll.org/how-to-save-money-on-the-essentials/