We all have those defining moments in our lives, moments that drastically altered our course of our lives forever. In 2011 a 13-year-old Jarett would go to a new friends house and would play a First-Person-Shooter for the first time. I will never forget that day, that new acquaintance would go on to become my best friend and I would discover another whole side to gaming.

That game I played on that day was none other than Call of Duty®: Black Ops. The first thing we did was take on the un-dead hordes at Kino Der Toten. To this day, that zombies map is still my all-time favorite.  We would spend the next six years trying to survive against the zombie hordes.

Along the way we would stop playing Black Ops in favor of the newer games in the series. I can’t help but feel nostalgic for Black Ops zombies especially now that zombies has become a convoluted story game instead of being just a test of survival.

However, last week it was announced that all of the old zombie maps would be remastered in a new DLC for Black Ops III called Zombies Chronicles. The DLC includes the 8 classic zombies maps,


Nacht Der Untoten

Shi no Numa

Kino Der Toten





The DLC releases on Tuesday May 16th on PS4 and 30 days later on Xbox One and PC. It costs 30 dollars and comes with a special theme as a pre-order bonus.

I am looking forward to reliving those memories from 2011 and creating new ones with my best friend at my side.