Today we are going to be talking about typography. I selected this book cover because I felt it utilized the text very well and had a good design, even though I have never read it.

Sans Serif

The first font you see is the Sans Serif font. It is used by the New York times best seller (although it is in Italics) and the title of the book Love Does. A Sans serif font doesn’t have a serif which are the lines at the ends of the letters (as shown on the L). Another attribute of Sans serif font is that it doesn’t have thick to thin transitions like other fonts.

Slab Serif

The smaller font is Slab Serif. Slab serif font does have serifs and they are relatively flat. Slab Serif font also has very little thick to thin transition in the font which is seen in the smaller font.


The two different types of font create a large contrast. The lack of serifs on the Love Does verses the other text makes it seem more modern. Another key factor is size, the title of the book is so big that your eyes are drawn to it. The shape is also very different, if you compare the O in Love to the O in Bob the letter looks drastically different. All together these differences make it easy to tell what is the title and what is the subtext even though the subtext is between the two words of the title.