For my first reverse engineering post I decided to look at the Harry Potter 3 cover art. This image depicts the three main characters Ron, Harry and Hermione. We are going to deconstruct and find all the design elements that go into this classic poster.

  • Contrast

There is a heavy use of contrast in this photo. The area around the golden Harry Potter Logo is very dark to make the logo pop out. There is a circle around the main characters that is also very dark that brings emphasis to the lighter main characters. Harry’s shirt and background are very similar colors so they use a a very dark colored jacket to make sure that Harry still pops out.

  • Repetition

The use of repetition in this poster unites it under a unifying theme. All of the text is in the same font. The use of the color black and blue is throughout the entire poster and there are multiple objects with a golden brownish color at the bottom of the picture.

  • Alignment

This poster was definitely designed with alignment in mind. The beginning part of the H in the logo lines up with Ron’s head and the marauders map. The P lines up with the center of Harry’s head. The corner of the wanted poster lines up with Hermione’s head. The bottom of the word Azkaban lines up with the top of Hogwarts and somewhat with Buckbeak’s wing.

  • Proximity

The use of proximity in this poster shows distance. The three main characters seem unified like a team. While the school and Buckbeak are further away to create the sense of distance.

  • Color

The main colors in this are blue and a gold color. Most of the picture is pretty dark except in the middle where the main characters are and the gold colored elements. This draws attention to them. The main attention grabber is the title and the clouds behind the characters. The other gold elements are not as bright but still grab attention as this is a very dark picture. Both Ron’s and Hermione’s shirts are also a variation in the color scheme and seem to stand out because they have a lot of light reflecting of them compared to the dark circles that surround them.

  • Conclusion

This poster wasn’t just thrown together. Every element of design is present in one way or another. My eyes are drawn to the title and characters, as they should be. This poster is visually interesting and captures the feelings of the movie. If I had to make an improvement I would probably have Buckbeak lined up better with other elements of the poster as he is the one thing that seems to be a little out of place.